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In Texas, as in other states, parents are expected to financially support their children. This applies to parents who are separated, divorced, or have never been married. The parent who spends the least amount of time with the child is generally considered to be the noncustodial parent and this is the parent who commonly pays child support.

If you are a parent who needs legal help with any type of child support issue in or around the counties of Grapevine, or Tarrant, you can rely on the Law Offices of Kate Smith, PLLC. I have helped hundreds of parents obtain, modify, and contest various aspects of this issue through the courts. As a Family Law Texas Board-Certified attorney I can answer all of your questions, provide guidance in handling your legal needs, and can help ensure that your parental rights are protected and advanced through appropriate legal action. Attorney Kate Smith has 15 years of experience providing support and representation to parents throughout the area.

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Child Support in Texas

Parents want what is best for their children, but even in cases where parents have an amicable relationship, disputes can arise over the payment of child support. Such disputes generally revolve around how much a parent can pay and the support payment that is requested. However, the amount paid is determined through application of state guidelines to ensure it serves the best interests of the children.

Texas provides child support guidelines that calculate what a parent is required to pay based on several factors, such as:

  • A parent’s net income after expenses
  • The number of children being supported
  • Health care costs
  • Educational costs

Child support is required until a child reaches the age of 18 in Texas. Parents can agree to pay more than the calculated amount set by the state’s guidelines but they cannot agree to a lesser figure. In any event, the amount of child support to be paid must be approved by the court. In some cases, when the amount may be unfair to a parent of child, it can be adjusted higher or lower by the court based on individual circumstances. Underemployment or unemployment as a way to avoid child support obligations is not accepted by the court. The court can still attribute the amount of income the parent should make under normal circumstances.

Enforcement of Child Support

In cases where a parent refuses to pay child support, enforcement measures can be taken through the courts. A delinquent parent can be held in contempt of court, be sent to jail, and be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines. In Texas, it is a state jail felony to intentionally refuse to pay support. It carries penalties of up to two years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. Other penalties include driver’s license revocation, wage garnishment, liens on property, and more. If you are facing the loss of much-needed support for your child, our firm can provide the legal assistance you need in rectifying this situation.

In cases where financial circumstances or the needs of a child change, a parent can seek a modification of the standing child support order through the courts as well.

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