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Collaborative Divorce With a Master Credentialed Collaborative Attorney

It’s no secret that the divorce process can be extremely overwhelming. Not only do couples have to deal with the emotions related to the separation, but there’s also the challenge of coming up with a fair resolution that works best for everyone in the family. Plus, regular life goes on, which means adding the divorce process to an already-full schedule of work and school obligations.

When looking for ways to make the divorce process run as smoothly as possible and ensure that it ultimately results in a desirable resolution, choosing collaborative divorce over litigation is the way to go. Collaborative divorce is highly personalized, especially when conducted through an experienced collaborative lawyer like Kate Smith. Kate has worked with lots of different types of families, so she knows how important it is to provide a personalized experience that takes into consideration the nuances of each family’s dynamics.

Kate knows how different collaborative divorce is from the litigation process. In court, judges don’t get a lot of information about a family, and they retain even less. With litigation, the focus is on the fight, which often means that in the end, no one ends up happy. In contrast, Kate emphasizes the needs of the family at every stage of the divorce process, from flexible appointment scheduling to long-term family goals. Over her years of collaborative experience, Kate has learned that “there is no one better than the two of you to work together to come up with what’s best for your family.”

If you’re looking for a personally customized divorce process guided by a master credentialed collaborative lawyer with a long track record of facilitating amicable resolutions that keep families strong, get in touch with Kate Smith today.


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